Review| Maybelline Dream Fresh vs. Dream Pure

I might be, actually I am pretty late on this but whateves. I’m sure it’ll help someone. As I’ve been trying to find foundation for my skin, I have been using BB crèmes in the meantime. I’ve gotten the chance to try both and I decided to review them.

 Packaging, Price and Availability. The Dream Fresh is a cute pink theme with the shade on top. It has a glossy finish which I just realized sort of correlates with the consistency and texture of the product. It ranges from $6 - $7 (not including tax).  The DreamPure is a calming baby blue (I sound like such a blogger). It has more of a smooth matte finish. It ranges from $8 - $10 (not including tax). Both products are 1.0 Fl oz. They can be found at any beauty supply, drugstore or superstore.

Consistency. The Dream Fresh is so runny! It’s literally a liquid. I feel like I’m putting thick water on my face. I haven’t used it in so long and I bought it in 2013. The Dream Pure has a thicker creamy-like consistency which I tend to be drawn to.

Shade Collection.  No shocker here, there isn’t a wide variety. The Deep shade is still a little dark for me and the medium deep is too light. I’m talking tan.  I read reviews where people with fair skin even said the lightest color was too dark for them. As for the Dream Pure, it matches pretty well if I blend it with my beautyblender but there still isn’t a wide variety. The perfect shade for mewould be a shade lighter than the deep.

Overall Thoughts. The Dream Fresh didn’t do anything for my skin. I had to pack it on so much before I could see any results and I don’t like that feeling. I’ve used it various times over the course of 3 years and I’ve never grown to like this product. The DreamPure is the only facial cosmetic that I trust from Maybelline as my skin reacts very badly to their products. I would repurchase the Dream Pure as a good quality [and inexpensive] BB crème. If you’re darker than me, you might be out of luck as they don’t go very deep into shades.

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