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We’ve heard of subscription services that offer beauty products, prom dresses, snacks and shoes. But what about the accessories? I mean, let’s be honest some mi rings or some arm candy can definitely do something to a casual outfit (and your Instagram fee). That’s exactly what Rocksbox is here for! They offer a subscription services with gorgeous designer jewelry (yes, designer – one of the designers sold out at Nordstrom).

As much as I rather shop in my fuzzy pink onesie sometimes it’s a pain in the ass. I am definitely the type of person that can fall in love with an item until I actually wear it – jewelry included. What I love about Rocksbox is that once you get your stylist-picked pieces you can rock it and style it however you want. If you like it you can buy it but if you don’t you can return for free and exchange it for something else. So how exactly does it work?

When you first sign up you’ll take a quiz that can sum up your style and from there you can choose from the entire inventory of rings, bracelets, chains, ear cuffs, earrings, etc. When you put things in your wishlist it helps the stylist know what to send you next. When it comes to jewelry, I really love gold and dainty pieces. I’ve already started getting into Boho-festival style so I’ve started putting related pieces in my wishlist for my next box! Another great thing is that you can get more than one box a month. Once you send back your box they begin working on a new one for you.

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