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I was born in New York City and I've lived here for most of my life. I moved to Maryland for three years and came back because just like me, my mom loves a big city. I'm currently a journalism major with a minor in communications. I want to work as a creative director in no particular company. I just know I want to be in a very millennial, fun, quirky environment. I want to be able to wear purple hair and still be taken seriously, ya know? 

I've gotten a head start in social media marketing as I am the social media manager for The Halal Shack on campus. I absolutely love it and I'm really glad I know that I'll enjoy my intended career. 

My family is mostly from Sierra Leone, West Africa although I do have ancestry from The Middle East. Unlike most of my family who are from the Mende tribe, I am also mixed with Fulani (a lot of intermixing happened during the slave trade). Fula people are nomadic and according to geographical history they were mostly concentrated in the North (hence why I have Middle Eastern DNA). 


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