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With my hair texture, hair length and skin complexion I always found it a little more difficult to use tips from teen magazines, “beauty gurus” and hair vloggers. In middle school I got into the “beauty-YouTube” scene. Within those years leading up to my sophomore year [of high school], I took a real look at the ladies I watched regularly - they didn’t look like me. In the sense that certain shades that worked for them would not work for me. During my senior year [I went natural and], I turned to natural hair vloggers in desperate need of hairstyles for short hair. Most vloggers had been natural for years before I joined the scene so the hair lengths didn’t match mine at all –making it harder for me to emulate the styles.

By the end of my sophomore year I began playing with the idea of starting my own beauty channel. At the end of my junior year, I began playing with the idea of creating something where girls who were just as frustrated as me could turn to for help. In 2012, I co-founded It’s A Curls World – a brand where all gals [and guys] could come together and share tips, experiences, laughs and frustrations. My former-partner and I wrote about everything from natural hair to cupcake recipes to still being a virgin in 2014. In 2014 she left and It’s A Curls World completely belonged to me. I continued to blog but the spark that I once had was gone. It felt weird to me to keep writing and promoting It’s A Curls World.  I longed for a fresh start and that is what this is!

 Don’t be turned off by the name – this is OUR blog. It’s about us! Everything that I was for with It’s A Curls World is what I’m for here – just with more diversity, consistency and passion. My blog [and YouTube channel] is primarily hair focused but I do not want to limit my content. I want to raise awareness about topics dear to me, tell you my secrets as if we’re at a movie-like sleepover and I ALWAYS want suggestions from YOU.

I want all of us to learn from each other. This is a safe space for all of my hair-enthusiasts, mascara-lovers and life-livers!

The Creator.

Born [and mostly raised in] The City that Never Sleeps Sarah’s love for fashion, beauty, leadership and business was always there. She would charge her friends and family $1-$2 for mani-pedis at 10 years old. She would spend hours making advertisements and practicing her speech for 5th grade class President. Oh, and she designed her first purse using a Mott’s juice box. From H&M billboards in Times Square to CoverGirl ads on the Downtown 6 train to promotional events in London, Sarah has an interest in the fashion and beauty world – behind the scenes. Taking a particular interest in how brands maintain and promote their image and products, has led her to pursue studies in journalism, business and communications.

A true homebody, she can spend hours in the house watching Netflix, reading, pinning new ideas, blogging, vlogging and doing DIY projects. You can also find her exploring the Big Apple – visiting new cafes and bakeries in Brooklyn, free events at South Street Seaport, thrifting in Chelsea or catching up with friends. Sarah is also a natural-enthusiast, whenever she can she’s in a Ditmas Park co-op, a Whole Foods or her go-to Trader Joe’s, buying snacks and more beauty products. She finds inspiration in all things her eyes lay on (which you’ll find out as you watch her videos and read her posts).  A proud feminist, she also has a passion for global female empowerment and anti-sex trafficking; Sarah hopes to expand her work with non-profit organizations (sex-trafficking & global female rights) in the future. 

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