The Carrie Diaries Inspired Nails

"It's always the same dream. I'm in the city and I belong. Manhattan is mine. But then I always wake up. The same old Carrie Bradshaw in Castlebury Connecticut."

I'm going through a Carrie Diaries withdrawal. I've been addicted to this show since I first started watching it last year. My heart broke to pieces when I found out that it got canceled. Of course a show that I like gets cancelled, #MyLife. I absolutely love the show. The 80s theme is so bright and spunky plus AnnaSophia's outfits are to die for! I decided to do a tribute using my nails. I got the splatter effect by dipping a straw in my nail polish color and blowing through it. If you want, tape the edges of your finger to avoid getting nail polish all over them. You can either use a white or black base, My colors weren't super neon so I opted for a white base. As always, tag me in them so I can see it!

Nail Polishes Used: "Bubble Gum" by NK, "Mind Your Own Beeswax" by Spolied (Went 'N' Wild), "White On" by Sally Hansen, "Noir" by NK, a teal color by Charlotte Russe and "Berry" by L.A. Colors.


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