Natural Hair Guide

This is the start to being more consistent with my hair posts. I've decided to come up with a natural hair pyramid designed to help you through your journey to achieving healthy natural hair.

Daily: Moisturize! Natural hair is naturally dry so you have to keep your strands hydrated. Spritz a leave-in or water and seal with an oil or cream, like Shea Butter. Don't forget to sleep on silk or satin at night and practice clean eating. Strengthening your body on the inside actually helps the outside.

Weekly: Probably one of my favorite steps in my hair care routine. Deep conditioners are meant to restore the moisture that is usually lost in daily activities, styling, weather, etc. Also detangle your hair and watch out for knots! While we're in the conditioning spirit you might as well co-wash (washing with conditioner). I found that conditioning my hair with a deep conditioner works very well. If you choose to do a mayo conditioner or fruit/veggie masque then wash with a gentle shampoo before applying your conditioner.

Monthly: Around this time your hair is ready for a protective style. Click here to read some of my tips on protective styling.

2-6 Months: Strengthen your hair with a protein treatment. If your hair doesn’t really need direct protein skip this step. Take this time to also revive your current protective style. Don't be scared to also trim your ends every 3-6 months as well or 1 – 2 times a year. Trimming your ends actually contributes to better hair growth. If you dye your hair also ask your stylist when you should retouch your hair.

Rarely: Here's a no-brainer! No matter your hair texture or whatever fancy heat protectant you use, you really want to reduce the amount of heat you use on your hair. One of the leading causes of damaged hair is caused by excessive heat. If you do choose to use heat, always make sure the temperature is low.


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