BTSwithFarma|Maintaining A Regimen & the PPC Method

At this point, the fro-hawk you rocked this morning is more of a frizz-hawk and the afro puff resembles a bowl of dust bunnies after spring cleaning. There’s no time to put in your bantu knots while you’re creating a website, studying for a test and watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

There is no doubt that for the average Rihanna loving-Kardashian obsessing-Doritos craving teenager or the what-am-I-doing-with-my-life collegiate, the school year can get a little hectic. I mean you have to pay for books, apply for college and take the SATs. It's no wonder your hair stays in a topknot or under a beanie.

It is no secret that curly-coily hair maintenance is uber time consuming. It takes me about 2 hours for a full hair treatment. Afterwards, I usually proceed in my braid out because it stretches my hair. This is not my weekly routine, but it is my routine when I’m feeling in a hair mood and just procrastinating.

My [bi]weekly routine is just a co-wash (if I need it). About every 1-2 weeks I also detangle (Check out the Natural Hair Pyramid). I moisturize every 1-2 days. My advice for still caring for your hair and keeping up with your fast paced life is time management and planning!

If we were super humans, we would have no problem doing our hair, getting to class on time and getting enough sleep. Sadly that is not the case. I make sure to set time every week to cater to my hair. I call Sundays “Spa Sundays Specifically for Sarah” (No I’m kidding, but that was great alliteration... do I hear extra points calling my name in English class?). After doing all my washing and moisturizing I start my twist/braid out. In the meantime, I have time to catch up on YouTube, read over some work and update SarahFarma.com

If you really don’t feel like styling your hair every day, try this method for quick care & upkeep:

Plan It: When I know what I want to do with my hair the night before, it makes it easier to achieve my look in the morning.

Pin It: Individually twist or braid your hair and secure it with bobby pins were needed. I usually split my hair into two sections, individually twist parts of each section, then flat twist the entire section and secure it with bobby pins. If your hair [length] allows it, you can also opt for my personal fave – the goddess braid.

Protect It: Twist or braid your hair or add some extensions. Literally, protective styles are life-savers during the school year.

Anything that is valuable needs to be taken care of. With that said, never neglect your hair. If it helps, put reminders in your phone or on your to-do list. The reason you have natural hair or transitioned was to have healthy and hearty hair and we want to keep it that way.

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