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It’s definitely safe to say that my blog has definitely started to take off. I’ve surpassed 100,000 views in what seems like forever. I’ve been more open to working with brands as well as other bloggers and designers. I’ve always been a firm believer in independence but with that said sometimes it does take a village to grow. A flower cannot grow without water and the sun. Honey cannot be made without the bee. Simply to say that although I may bring something to the table I must never forget that others can bring something as well. So I am taking on the new task of building a brand team! I want this blog to grow into something great and I believe that there are so many ideas that I don’t know about on my own. I love hearing new ideas and getting an entirely different perspective on things. I have open up a few internship-like positions and have created a small blurb on what each position entails.

Instagram Coordinator: You will be responsible for sharing all content related to this blog through Instagram. If you are worried about keeping your “theme” you are allowed to use different photos as long as credit is given and the caption includes details about the post. You will be responsible for promoting new content and opportunities through the Instagram account. *One more position left!!* 

Pinterest Coordinator: You will responsible for organizing the Pinterest board in various categories that correlate with the “feel” of the blog. You will be responsible for keeping content fresh and new within the boards as well as respond to comments and messages through Pinterest. You will also be responsible for sharing the latest pins from the blog and pinning them into their rightful category. *Two positions available* 

MakeHER Coordinator: I created a small network where girls can come together and not only share their own projects but help others as well as meet other content creators. You will be responsible for finding prospective influencers to the join the network as well as update the Facebook group when needed. (Details to come if you are chosen) (MUST have a personal FACEBOOK page) *Two positions available*

Field Contributor: You will be responsible for finding new people to work with on the blog. Keep a look out for anyone or anything that you will should have their story shared on the blog. *Two positions available*

Guest Blogger: You are responsible for sharing your talent by submitting any related content for any of the categories on my blog (except “my life”). *unlimited positions*

If you and anyone you are interested please email me at SFarma4@gmail with your name and what position you are applying for. You can also use the form on the contact page. Looking forward to working with you!

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These positions are solely for experience and/or fun. No compensation will be given or received for any reason related to me or my blog. 

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