Happy New Year!

“You’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow.” Beautiful lyrics by Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On. As I’m listening to one of my favorite songs I realized that this is what I ultimately want is to find myself. In 2015 I seem to have become more of a negative person because of constant worries and negativity. I just retweeted something that said: In 2016, don’t argue with me. My spin on it is to not argue with anyone if they bring the negativity to me.

My first lifestyle post for 2016 is inspired by my fellow blogger Medgina (her blog here). It is easy for me to say that I will not miss 2015. As much as I try to stay positive and as thankful as I am for the simplicities in my life, I don’t feel like I made any progress in my life when it came to school, work, blogging, etc. I’ve always been fond of setting goals for myself; most of them tend to be long-term and less traditional but nevertheless I usually know where I want to be and strive to work towards checking it off of my list. I’ve been in a young-life crisis for some years now and I think it’s because I never give myself a foundation. I know I want my loft in DUMBO and cool job in Manhattan but I’ve never set an internship goal. I forget sometimes that people start off small before they are big. We’re flowers – a seed must be planted before it can be watered and grow into a beauty. Medgina mentioned that her goal for 2016 is to grow. I couldn’t agree more. You can’t ever stop growing – you have to surpass your potential, make new adventures, and meet new people.

Also inspired by Medgina is journaling. I always get random urges to write whatever is on my mind (especially when I’m stressed) but I never continue my stories. For 2016, I really want to get into documenting my day – so at the end of the year I can see where I’ve ended up and simply reflect on my prospers and maybe setbacks. Now, all I need to do is find a cute journal like she did.

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