#SorryNotSorry: 11 Things Girls Shouldn't Be Sorry For

Sorry, We’re Not Sorry: The 20 Things Women Should No Longer Have To Apologize For was an article written by Laura Argintar for Elite Daily. I absolutely loved the article! It was my life in a webpage. I thought that I’d write my own response to things us girls should not have to feel bad for. 

We shouldn't be sorry for...

1. Having Our Period. It’s not a secret anymore. GIRLS HAVE PERIODS! We all know what happens. From a young age we endure a week of bloating, cramps and blood shortage so that we will be able to keep the world going ‘round.

2. Farting and Pooping. If I have to hear, “Girls don’t fart/poop,” one more time I just might scream. I’m not giving anybody the okay to just go farting around people or not excuse yourself (because that is kind of gross). What I am saying is that is does happen – we’re human too if you haven’t noticed.

3. Our Body. Apparently if you’re an A-cup and you wear a push-up bra it’s considered false advertisement. If you have a little pudge and wear a shaper that’s false advertising as well. Apparently our bodies are marketing strategies and if we don’t show ourselves as is then we’re lying to the world. Advertisements are tactics to sell a product. Since our bodies are not for sale nor a product I guess we're not really false advertising. If you’re so obsessed with a flat stomach and a big butt, why don’t you get your own and leave us alone?

4. Our Hair. Our hair is our hair. How I wear it is my decision. If I want a 22-inch Brazilian weave down to my back- I’ll wear it. If I want to rock a buzz cut, pixie cut or TWA-I will. Hell, if I shaved it all off, rock on! If we really want to talk about hair – you go to the barber to take you from “can I get a hug” to “I’ll take your girl” but that’s none of my business.

5. Being Girly. Yes, I like painting my nails and watching beauty videos. Yes, pink is my favorite color. No I do not care about Call of Duty and no I don’t wear basketball shorts and sneakers everyday. Quite frankly I like being girly and that’s not going to change. Why is it such a bad thing anyway?

6. Wearing Makeup. One, the price of my foundation can fill up your gas tank and two, If you’re stupid enough to think my eyelids are naturally gold and my lips are naturally ruby red then that’s on you buddy. And three, I will never take makeup advice from anyone who can’t tell me where a highlight goes.

7. Our Resting Bitch Face. The only point here is that we’re not going to be smiling all the time like Cheshire cats.

8. Our “Skimpy” Clothing. Because I specifically go to the slutty clothing aisle at Forever 21…. No one is asking for anything by wearing certain clothing. Maybe other people should just learn to control themselves.
9. Being Bossy. If being bossy means that we’re assertive and we won’t let anybody walk all over us then by all means, we are THE BOSS!

10. Rejecting You. We are not obligated to talk to every single person that wants our number. I am also allowed to be polite and not have it constantly mistaken for flirtation. Like Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom said, "I will accept the drinks, but not the d**k."

11. Being A “TOMBOY”. Quite frankly, dresses and pink aren’t everyone’s thing. I am no less of a girl because I like science and flannels #getyourlife

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