My Current 2015 Skin Care Routine

I wasn’t one to really break out until I started using the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. After that, it was a constant battle with breakouts and scars because I would scratch at them. Now, I don’t have many breakouts besides the ones that come once a month, when it’s too hot or when I have too much sugar. The only thing I’m really dealing with currently is the acne scars which have been fading rapidly – and I’m sure it’s because of my new regimen. I will point out that everything I use is cruelty free and vegan/vegetarian.

1.      I use an exfoliator to get off any dead skin before cleaning it. Plus it also helps remove more of my makeup (which I remove with jojoba or coconut oil). I use Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Scrub – Pore Purifying Pineapple Enzyme. I do have large pores but I have noticed that when using this product, they have gotten smaller. Obviously they’re not going away but I prefer to not have noticeable holes on my face. I also like that this it has a gentle finish and it’s safe enough to use every day without skin tissue damage. It is a bit pricey but it’s worth it to me and a little goes a long way.

2.      I only do this every other day but I recently found [On] [Ya’e] Naturals on Etsy via Alex Elle and I was very impressed with her ingredients. I purchased the Activated Charcoal Face Scrub because I heard lot of good things about charcoal for acne and deep cleansing. I will start off by saying I am in love with her minimal and earthy packaging. She does sell in small batches so I bought a 2oz container for $10 (plus about $3 for shipping) and it arrived in about a week. It is a bit pricey but considering that it’s all-natural it is expected. I really like this product. I can literally feel the product working on my skin and it has decreased so many of my breakouts (might be a combo of everything I’m doing as well). I wish it came in bigger batches because I would pay for it. One thing that I do not like at all is that even though the product says “scrub” it really isn’t. The sea salt doesn’t stick to anything and ends up falling all over the place. I even tried using honey but nothing. If there is ever an option without the salt that is what I would get instead.

3.      After exfoliating I follow up with my cleanser. I bought my Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap from Whole Foods when it was 2 for $10 but you can buy a bigger bottle (that will last forever) for about $14 (I bought a small bottle last month and I only repurchased one today). I use a face brush to thoroughly clean my face as well. Not only is it a great cleanser but Black soap is great for fighting acne and fading acne scars because of its abundance in antioxidants that come from plantains, Shea butter and cocoa. Then, I rinse with cold water and prepare for my toner.

4.      Toners bring the pH level back to normal after all the washing and scrubbing. It also helps to close the pores to allow less oil to seep through. I use this Alaffia Everyday Coconut Water Face Toner that I purchased from Flatbush Food Co-Op in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. I love this toner because anything with alcohol or an acidic level close to it will peel my skin. This is gentle and even though it’s about $9 you only need 1 – 2 spritz a day. I still have a full bottle and I bought it in the beginning of June. I only use a toner at night – no moisturizer because my face usually moisturizes itself while I sleep.

In the morning, I just use the Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap and moisturize with Shea butter.

One thing I also love about Alaffia is that they do various empowerment projects like Bicycles for Education, School Project, Reforestation and Gender Equality in [West] African countries. Being from an African background myself but also an American I have noticed that the bigger countries tend to go into smaller countries and strip them of their natural resources. I believe that the bigger countries need to teach the smaller countries how to harvest and earn profit from their own natural resources so that one day they may become a bigger country and continue the cycle. That is one thing I hope to do when I start my own business. Alaffia is also a certified fair trader; which means that the producers (African countries) are receiving the larger amount of profit – which is only fair.

I know it seems like a lot, but I only use 4 products and I’m usually done in 10 minutes tops (waiting for the mask usually takes 5 minutes). These products are all natural and I can definitely say I will repurchase. I will try to find cheaper options for you guys but I hope you got some inspiration!


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