How to Talk to A Black Girl

I watch a lot of vlogs on YouTube, most of who are couples in an interracial relationship. For me, I don’t watch them because they’re interracial – I just like them and they happen to be.  There are always suggested videos and every time I’m watching a vlog I see things like “How to Talk to A Black Girl” or something along those lines. Someone usually always mentions how they’re a different race attracted to Black women but they don’t know how to approach them.  I mean, there a how-to on Wiki: How to Date A BlackGirl.

Real Life Experience. I was walking on my [old] campus and a boy stopped me. He needed directions to a certain building so I kindly told him how to get there. Then he was like, “you’re so nice – I was afraid to talk to you.” I’m not the type to think that every guy is hitting on me (do people even say that?) so I smiled and said, “Thank you,” before asking why he was scared. He said, “Because I see a lot of Black girls and they all look so mean.” My brain stopped at that moment but I couldn’t let him see that because that’s too awkward. So I was like, “Why did you come up to me then?” He said, “Because I saw you smile.” Now, in no way was I offended but I was shocked. I did inform him that all Black girls are NOT THE SAME. Where I was in a school with rather rambunctious women, or Birds in Urban terminology I had to let him know that we’re not all alike.

For starters, I was in a place where some White people were not really around Black people. They weren’t racist they just weren’t aware. What they saw was mostly on television and it’s no secret that we don’t always have the best image in the media. That’s basically stereotyping and to me, that’s wrong. Even if you see something or hear something pertaining to someone of a certain race that was only one person. One person does not represent a race. Nobody represents a race. You represent yourself. So, how to talk to a Black girl? Be Yourself. Just like any other girl, you either get want you wanted or you don't. That doesn't change because of her race.

I promise you this Black girl is not of a different species, actually, she’s human – woah! Shocker! Talk to her as you would any other girl. With respect.

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