Volumize Your Natural Hair - Fast & Easy

Fatoumata asked: "My hair type is 4C. It is growing normally (about 5 inch long), but I am not getting any volume. Is there any tips to make it fuller in terms of volume?"

One thing that many naturalistas fail to realize is that there are different ways in which our hair grows. It can grow in length, in thickness (volume) or both. Your curl pattern can also confuse you. Those with looser curls can easily notice their hair length whereas as those with tighter coils tend to notice their thickness before length. Here are some of my tips to voluminize your natural hair!

Fake It. No shame here and it is one of my most used methods. Add some extensions to that fro. There are many companies now that cater to kinky hair extensions.

Pin It: Gather your hair from the middle of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Now go around your entire head and pull hair out of the hair tie (just some; not all) - you want to go around your entire head in a circle. Pull the front part of your hair towards your forehead and pin it down. Then pull the two side sections of your hair towards each ear and pin it down. Pull the back of your hair towards your neck and pin it down. Now take out the rest of your hair from your hair tie and blend! Use your fingers to fluff out your hair and cover the pins. Viola! A fluffy fro!

Free Twisting: Instead of pulling your hair down when doing your braid and twist-outs try to braid straight out into a parallel line. By doing this you are allowing your hair to take shape already volumized instead of in a downward shape (am I making sense?).

Pick It Out: Use a pick with thinner teeth to fluff out your hair. Create a bigger effect my pulling your hair straight up as you use the pick to lift up your roots.

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