Separation in the Natural Hair Community

Among the many beautiful photos that I post on the Instagram page something started to jump out at me. It seemed like the photos with longer, straightened or curlier natural hair were getting more likes than those with shorter, kinkier and less defined hair. I couldn't help but think: is there separation in the natural hair community?
I started watching some “What Men Think about Natural Hair”videos and listened intensively. Like always, the guys had plenty to say about our hair. Despite my snarls and eye rolls, I continued to watch the video. One guy said, “I like long natural hair but not the short kind.” The point that he missed was the simple fact that at one point the long haired girl had short hair.

I decided to do a bit of a social experiment. Using the IG page, I posted a photo with a woman sporting medium length locs. Directly after, I posted a photo of a girl with waist length, curly locs. It seemed like more people favored the long locs. Within 40 minutes the long locs received 88 likes and the other was stuck at 23 for days. Besides hair, there was something else that jumped out at me.

It seemed like the girls with lighter skin complexions received more likes than those with darker skin. I posted a photo of a girl with long, curly hair and a fair complexion. Instagram notifications blew up with 150 likes within 20 minutes. Afterwards, I posted a photo of a girl with the same hair length but a darker skin tone; that photo received 50 less likes. Both had beautiful long and curly hair but different skin colors. Could it be that women with lighter skin are still seen as being more beautiful? Even in the hair community?

I feel like there is in fact a separation in the hair community. The longer or the curlier the hair is equivalents to the attractiveness. Women tend to admire beautiful long hair sported by Naptural85 and HeyFranHey rather than the short hair they are starting with. Unknowingly, ladies compare and yearn for the beautiful mane that will validate their beauty. My number one hair rule is to not compare your hair. By comparing yourself to someone else you are self-speculating. Self-speculation can lead to a decrease in confidence and I do not want that for anyone. It's fine to like someone's hair or even have hair crushes but it becomes a problem when you begin to love your hair less.

At this point it is no secret that most people are unknowingly more attracted to someone with longer hair or lighter skin. Trends like #TeamNatural or #TeamRelaxed prove that we separate ourselves from one another. A contradiction is what I call it. We start wearing our hair in it's natural state to be closer to who we are and not what society wants us to be yet we break ourselves down even further


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