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I live in a standard New York apartment. No, it doesn’t come with floor length walls and a modern kitchen nor do I have a high-tech shower or a terrace that looks over TriBeca but wherever you are, you can make your space feel like you. I am so frugal and that ties into my everyday life. I hate going on YouTube and searching for DIY projects and I only hear about materials from Target, Walmart & Home Goods (like seriously? Those places are not that cheap). Hopefully by now you have a sense of my style. I wanted to reflect that in my room. I don’t decorate often as I mostly live away on campus but I do still like to feel at home when I am there. I decided to go for a Chanel/girly/vintage/Parisian theme.

I’ve always liked the idea of stacked books on a table. I feel like the books represent your style. If you’re into interior décor, stack up some themed books. If you’re into fashion and beauty use those genres. I used my Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style, Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Careers inFashion, Lauren Conrad Style and lastly my quick DIY:

I used a hardcover cover book, covered it with plain white printing paper and traced the Chanel logo on it. I was totally inspired by Tanamontana100’s blog post on DIYTumblr nightstands.

Then I placed some knick-knacks on top of the stack. I used two CoverlGirl nail polish’s to act as Chanel polishes. I had this cube that my watch came in and I stuffed it with pink tissue paper and laid two necklaces in there for a classy display. It makes my jewelry look exclusive – even though it’s definitely not. If you don’t have that, you can use a bowl, teacup or something of that size. You want to keep everything along the same level. Then on top of the cube, I placed a white watch.

Next to that I have a little winter-y basket (that I want to change to something that resembles the ones from Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE) where I keep all of mascaras. Then on the other side of my table I kept it simple. I used an old frame and free-handed the Chanel “C” to spell Classy (you can always just print out a photo from the internet). It’s not quite done; I want to either add a bow or pearls to make it more Me. Then I used my teacup to hold my Maybelline BB Crèmes and Rimmel primer. I used the matching saucer to display my go-to Milani palette, a MAC blush (that I don’t use at all) and a Sephora gloss (that I don’t use either). To make it daintier, I added three of my essential gold rings from Forever 21.

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