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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I’d thought I’d do something green-related. Does it count? It’s no secret that green tea has many health benefits. I usually turn to green tea when my skin needs some TLC (tender love & care). I do think that some outside products work for the skin but it ultimately comes down to what’s on the inside. Green tea is a great way to detox the body of any toxins that could be affecting your skin. After drinking my daily cup of tea I got to thinking about tea rinses for the hair then face masks. I went on Pinterest to see some recipes but most of them included Matcha tea powder – which I didn’t have. So I’m going to show you the variation that I created.

1/ 2 Cup of White Sugar
2 Bags of Green Tea
1 Tbsp. of Coconut Oil
1 Bag of Peppermint Tea (Optional)
1 Tsp of Honey if using without oil / ½ Tsp if using with oil (Optional)

1.      Add oil, sugar & honey to a mixing bowl.

2.      Warm water and then insert one tea bag. The warm water helps to activate the leaves’ nutrients. Don’t boil the water! Boiling the water can weaken the nutrients. Move the bag around to let the tea transfer faster. Once the water has darkened from the tea scoop out 1 tablespoon and add it to the mixture. You can save the unused tea to make a toner, hair rinse or healthy drink!

3.      Once you have your mixture, open the other [green & peppermint] tea bags and dump the loose leaves into your bowl. Now mix it all together!

I usually wipe my body down with water and a loofah just to get off any excess moisturizer. Then I use my scrub and then wash my body with soap. This scrub seemed to brighten my skin and soften it. Be sure to send me pictures or tweets if you try it out. My links are below!

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