Fourth of July Nails!

Hey Loves!

Here is the first post to something I am excited about - nail posts! My nails are my mini art canvases and i love wearing new designs and colors. With [U.S.A] Independence Day coming up I'm sure many of you will be attending barbeques, parties or just want to feel patriotic. Here are some nail ideas to get you in the spirit! Oh, with all the festivities let's not forget about our current service women and men who help protect our country. 

Doodle Heart: This is the first time where perfection was not on my mind. I was going for a doodle-like look and I think I got pretty close. To create the heart, I actualy used a very thin paint brush. A nail art pen or polish will do just fine as well.

Polka Dots: So much easier and very nautical. Use a dotting tool (like a straw or bobby pin) and create small to medium dots all over your nails.

Which nail design do you like? Comment below!

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