What Kind of Naturalista Are You?

I'm going to share three types of naturalistas that bless our Earth. Which one am I? Which one are you?

The Buy 'N Go. This is probably the chillest naturalista. The B&G just needs something to wash and moisturize her hair. She would try natural products but not because they're natural-just because she wants to and that is all that's available. This naturalista doesn't feel the need to change all her products because they don't think it was ever a problem before. For this, I would recommend NaturallyNellzy on YouTube.

The 50/50. This is the middle naturalista. It is also the most common. They use both natural and non-natural products. They're probably the easiest to deal with as well. ItsMyRayeRaye and NaturalNeiicy are good choices if you're a 50/50 naturalista. They both use natural and non-natural products. Plus they have gorgeous hair.

The Label Reader. Labels readers are the naturalistas that spend a lot of time reading the list of ingredients before buying the product. This gal wants to make sure all the water and natural oils are the first five ingredients on the list. She also has an eye that looks out for parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, etc. Label readers tend to lean towards more natural products or just make their own. If you think you are a label reader, check out Naptural85 and HeyFranHey. These ladies are all-natural when it comes to hair and body.

Which one are you?

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