4 Signs Telling You to Take Out Your Braids/Twists

Your Braids Are Hanging On for Dear Life. One thing you have to know is that when you’re attaching artificial hair to your real hair it is literally grasping onto your hair. That’s why as time goes on it loosens up and you start to see your roots. When your braid is literally hanging off the end of your real hair, you need to take it out before it takes your real hair along with it.

You’ve Reached Your Three Month Capacity. Although some people can stretch until four months, three is when the hair should be taken out. Your hair needs to breathe! Follow up with a full wash and condition routine. If you’ve had your style in for three to four months give your hair at least two months of a resting period.

The Dust Bunnies Came to Say Hello. When the little dust bunnies start to collect at the base of the braid you need to take them out. Those fuzzies are perfect for creating annoying knots that snag and can cause your hair to tear.

Your Real Hair is Playing Peek-A-Boo. This is what I call a ratchet mess. This is the stage where your crisp neat braids aren’t so crisp and neat anymore. No amount of spraying hair sheen and brushing can save these strands. Just take them out; you can always get them redone.


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