My Spring/Summer Hair Routine

Spring is here (in New York City at least)! New York City gets all four seasons and sometimes our hair and body reacts right along with it. This is the first spring season where I’ve been natural and I have been battling frizz and uncontrollable shrinkage. Doing my hair in the summer will probably be the same as spring so I’m going to tell you all about how I maintain my hair during the warmer seasons.

Conditioning: Deep conditioning has got to my favorite thing to do to my hair. To see my curls all defined and my hair smooth and soft is so exciting. My deep conditioner recipes usually reflect on what my hair needs. During colder months, I like something rich and heavy like my mayo conditioner. During warmer weather a mango hair masque is a great option (recipe coming soon).

Washing: Unlike the colder months where my hair gets dry and co-washing is a must, I don’t have a specific time a day that I wash my hair. Whenever I feel like my hair has too much build-up or flakes from obnoxious products I wash it with apple cider vinegar.

Moisturizing: I stick to a leave-in and oil procedure. I’m still on the hunt for a great leave-in and I’m beginning to think that I might just have to dish out a couple of bucks. In the meantime I use a DIY leave-in and follow up with a lightweight oil like coconut oil or sweet almond oil.

Controlling Frizz: Yes, my already frizzy hair gets frizzy. I’m not the biggest fan of shrinkage and guess what I deal with? Frizz. I’ve learned that when it is humid outside it’s not the best idea to leave my hair out. Anything involving styles that I can do with twists are my go-to.

What do you do and use on your hair when the weather gets warmer? I’d love to know and possibly try them out! Check out my other regimen posts too!

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