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Meet Shanelle! She's a fashion merchandising major born in Boston, MA. She loves anything that allows her to be creative. She's also a lyrical dancer and a lover of drawing and old school music.

1.Why did you go natural? Or why are you natural?
My aunt and I, who everyone calls my "train" decided to go natural together because perms were damaging our hair and it seemed harder if I didn't do it with someone else.
2. What is your go-to hairstyle?
I love the flat twist with a Bantu knot at the end, the big messy bun and my saver, the wash 'n' go!
3. Do you have any hair crushes?
I always say I have a reincarnated originality! I'm an old soul. I love Lauryn hill and Solange Knowles 'fros.
4. What are your top 5 favorite hair products?
I can't live without coconut oil, Shea Moisture Black Soap Shampoo, Thickening Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner, and lastly I make an avocado and tree oil mix as a deep conditioner.
5. What is the best part of having natural hair?
I love being natural! I have endless amounts of things I can try and be versatile with when it comes to my hair.
6. What is the worst part of having natural hair?
You know sometimes you just wanna go to sleep but you'll regret it in the morning because you'll just look crazy so you take the time as much as you don't want to do your hair.
7. What advice would you give people who are natural or who want to be?
Oh my gosh, do it! You have to have patience and truly want it! Your going to go through phases but at the end your going to have healthy and beautiful hair!
8. What do you like/love most about this site?
It’s  relatable and unique. It's super cute and can work with all types of natural! I love the adorable tips and fashion ideas, I'm always looking for more.

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