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Meet Ashley Baptiste. An 18-year-old Brooklyn, New York native. She's currently attending College of Mount Saint Vincent majoring in Communications and hoping to work in the Fashion Public Relations industry in the future.

1. If you have one, who is your style inspiration?

My mother. That sounds lame but I go to her for everything. She has amazing pieces in her closet from the 70s-90s that I can pair with my items.

2. What are your favorite places to shop?

I really don’t have a favorite store but I shop a lot at Asos, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Brandy Melville.

3. If you could have anybody's closet, who would it be?

Serena Van der Woodson. I am a BIG Gossip Girl fan. I literally loved every outfit Serena wore in each episode. Her style was so chic and classy, which I love.

4. Do you try to keep up with trends or do you do your own thing?

I don’t feel like I keep up with trends but if I see something in Teen Vogue or Seventeen that catches my eye, I would try it out.

5. What is your "go-to" hairdo & fashion piece?

Eyewear but not prescription glasses. For people who don’t like wearing glasses (ME), get some awesome cheap nonprescription glasses from Urban [Outfitters]. You can totally rock it with any outfit you have and not feel geeky.

6. Based on the fashion, if you could live in any era which one would it be?

The era I would love to be in is the 1920s. Ever since learning about that era in school and the things women did breaking grounds, I would have loved to be there. My burning fever to be born in the 1920s got worse after watching The Great Gatsby (great movie btw).

7. What are your essential fashion items?

My essential fashion item(s) is a pair of great shoes, loose flowy t-shirts (like the ones in Brandy Melville), my watch and my gold chain that I always wear.

8. What advice would you give to people who are judged based on their personal style?

Ignore the negative comments and wear what makes YOU happy and feel good.

9. How do you describe your personal style?

My personal style changes on how I feel when I wake up (honestly). How I dress when I’m going out is totally different from when I’m going to class. Going out, my style depends on the venue. Going to a party I would be more sexy and showing skin. When I am going to class it's totally different. I am more casual wearing sweaters and awesome boots when it's cold, loose flowy shirts, dresses and flats when it's warm out.

10. What do you like/love most about this blog?

What I love how the blog has grown to be a great success from when I knew you in high school. I love everything! The different topics you have (not just on natural hair) to the tips and tutorials you give on almost everything. The blog is very informative and helpful to girls including myself! :)


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