11 Things to Know Before You Go Natural

1. The Big Chop is Not the Only Option. Surely you've heard this before. Some people are so attached to their hair that cutting it off is a major no-no. I trimmed my ends every month. When I look back at it, I might as well have done the big chop. Check out my Top Transitioning Hairstyles for inspiration!

Your Hair May or May be long. Many people go natural, not only because of their attitude with relaxers but because of hair growth. I mean after stalking Cipriana’s Instagram a part of you begin to want her long hair. Thing is not everybody gets long hair-ever. The way your genetics are set up can affect your hair growth. There is a possibility that your hair will grow to your waist or stop at your neck. There is also a chance that your hair will grow upwards like a tall flower rather than fall like the leaves of a palm tree.

Not All Protective Styles Are Good. Before or when people are transitioning protective styles like braids and twists are a go-to. Most people do not properly take care of their hair in protective styles. They assume that because their hair is "protected" maintenance is not a must. If you don't take care of your hair in your protective style you can end up worse than before.

You Don't Need to Buy All New Products. Most people throw out all their products when they decide to go natural. Truth is, you shouldn't start changing your products until you're at least half or completely natural. You don't want to send your hair into a shock and have it being all cray cray. The shampoo you are using could actually be working for your hair just fine. Don't change just because someone else did.

Patience is the key to success. This might be one of my biggest tips. It takes time to learn about your hair. If you've been getting your hair relaxed for years you have to learn how to do your hair now. I'm still trying to perfect my twist-outs, wash & go’s, Bantu knots and rod sets. 

You Don't Need to Wash Your Hair Every Day. Many people who go natural think that they need to wash their hair daily or every two days. Truth is, you don't. Kinky hair is naturally drier than other hair textures. The more you wash your hair, the more you're stripping your hair of the moisture and sebum (natural oils) that it needs. I can go two weeks without washing my hair. See what works for you. Wait until your hair starts feeling heavy from build-up or a little dry before washing it. 

You Will Still Have Bad Hair Days. Going natural isn't going to make your bad hair days disappear. No matter what your hair type is you always want your hair to look a certain way. When you're hair doesn't match the look in your head you're still going to feel frustrated. Luckily there’s tons of hairspiration out there!

You Need to Cut Your Hair. No, I'm not talking about the big chop; I'm talking about a trim. Trimming your ends contributes to the growth of your hair. The longer you let your split ends creep up your strands the more hair damage you could have. Don't be scared of the scissors, they're here to help. 

Water is Your Moisturizer. Unlike relaxed hair, water is not the enemy. Forget about the store-bought moisturizing creams. Water will forever be the best moisturizer. The amount of water you use on your hair depends on the porosity, or how your hair absorbs and retains moisture, of your hair. I prefer to a bottle that lets out water in a misty form rather than a spray because my hair is very prone to shrinkage.  

Take Notes. Going natural is a learning experience. You can watch all the videos and read all the blogs but at the end of the day it's about what is right for you. As you try new things see what works and what doesn't. 

You'll Love Your Hair. Once you get the gist of your hair you'll love it. Twist-outs at night and wash days will be as easy as breathing. I learned to love my hair and I couldn't imagine ever relaxing my hair again!

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