Gorgeous-Looking Nails in 4 Steps

Want your nails to look like they just came out of a Sally Hansen ad? In 4 easy steps that just might be a possibility!

1. Strength: Stop biting your nails! Not only does the acid from your saliva break down your nail strength but your teeth can be very damaging. Your're basically ripping apart your nail. Apply an all-natural Vitamin E or Extra Virgin Olive oil to your nails at night. Or you can eat foods like tofu, spinach, yogurt and almonds!

2. Length: Stop biting your nails! By ripping apart your nail you can permanently damage your growth cycle. Keep your nails healthy by moisturizing them and keeping them clean. It is also said that castor oil can promote the growth of your nails.

3. Shape: File your nails in one direction to prevent any jagged edges. Filing is also a great way to shorten your nails without using a nail clipper.

4. Color: Choose your favorite nail polish and fill in your nails. Start at the top of your nail and slowly bring your way down. I've been doing my own nails for years so I finally got the hang of it. Don't worry if one hand looks sloppier than the rest-practice makes perfect. 

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