It's 2014 & You're Still a Virgin?

“Okay, you’ve proved your point now buss it open!” Yes, somebody actually posted this on Instagram on New Year’s Eve. I think my eye roll lasted for about a full four seconds. At a spoken word event a guy said in front of everybody, “I don’t like virgins.” Yeah, that was a jaw dropper for me too.


How dare you ridicule someone on their life choices? People have many reasons that they don’t want to "Do the deed." There could have been something traumatic that happened. Some people are close to the values they were brought up with and want to stick with it. Some people just haven’t found the right person. The list can go on.


Being a virgin or not should not be someone’s label. Just like being gay, a girl or a person of color should not be your definition. Why should your jaw drop if someone is a virgin and why should your face scrunch if one isn't? I’ve come to find out that college kids are sex crazed. Everywhere I turn I hear, “I’d hit that” or “She looks like a virgin.” I just sit there thinking, “Please shut up.” I see why people lie about it. It’s all about fitting in. People want to save themselves from being an outcast.

People and society have made us so self-conscience of sex and virginity.Girls are too scared to say they are virgins so they don't look like prudes. Yet, they are also scared to be called hoes. Guys act like they screwed every girl in the class just to seem as if they were cool. Well I say screw what other people think. Do what you want and what you feel. Don't look for your worth in someone else. If they are not respectful enough to adhere and understand your decisions maybe there is no sense in wasting your time with them at all.

Just like choosing not to smoke, praying or wearing a hijab are life choices, so is losing or keeping your virginity. I've had people look at me strangely when I say I pray and that the smell of weed makes me gag. I could care less because they don't know me. Look at it this way; If they choose to define you that is their problem. You know who you are and why you do what you do.

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