My Autumn Hair Regimen

Ahh- autumn. autumn is by far my favorite. I mean pumpkin errythang (yup, call me basic) and cozy sweaters! In this post I'll be sharing my hair routine for autumn.

1. Washing (& Co-Washing): I stick to a very simple wash regimen. I co-wash or cleanse whenever my hair needs moisture or needs to be rid of product build-up.

2. Deep Treatment: About every two - three weeks I will do a deep treatment with mayonnaise. To be a little more Fall-y, I add pumpkin to my concoction. Pumpkin is super moisturizing and when it is mixed with mayo it is even better.

3. Moisturizing: Locking in moisture is crucial during the colder months. I continue to use the LOC method. First, I spritz my hair with a water based product. Then I seal the with my trustee extra virgin olive oil. To top it off I use homemade whipped Shea butter mixed with Jamaican castor oil. I repeat this method every other day.

4. Protecting: When my hair is out I usually rock an updo or I love to throw on a beanie. I usually just leave a couple of twists out to frame my face. Living in New York sometimes a beanie isn't enough. This is when I turn to box braids. This is probably my favorite protective style and forever will be.
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