Women: The Future Sluts of Tomorrow

I watched a channel called Whatever. Being open to all categories of YouTube videos (appropriate for my eyes of course) I decided to take a look. I settled on a social experiment video called “Asking 100 Girls for Sex.”

The entire purpose of the video was to see how many ladies would agree to have sex with a random guy. Ultimately not one girl out of the 100 said yes. Some were highly confused, taken back or offended to the point of throwing a drink in the guys’ face. I know that if I was in that situation, I would be highly disgusted and quite confused. My first thought would be: PREDETOR (I’m sure you’re going to be on Dateline) ALERT!

The guy was not straight forward. You would have never known what was coming. He started the conversation casually asking how the girls were. A normal girl would have thought that he was going to ask for their number. But no, this was no regular “picking up girls” moment - it was a social experiment that was being recorded by someone behind a camera across the street. He then proceeded to ask for sex. Every time, the answer resulted in a flat out no. There was a prequel where the situation was reversed. Now it was a girls’ turn to ask random guys for sex. Shocker here, most of the guys said yes. They were more than eager to “tap that.”

I got to thinking: How are females the so-called sluts if guys are the ones who are ready to jump on the chance for free sex? According to Google a slut is a slovenly or promiscuous woman. Now let’s look up “promiscuous.” According to Google, promiscuous means a person who has many sexual relationships. *pause* Are females the only human species on earth that are promiscuous? We both know the answer to that question. A guy can go out and fool around (and be promiscuous) with whoever and come back to a sea of high fives and kudos. The minute a woman decides she wants to express her sexuality she is faced with rejection, a personalized definition of herself on the internet and ultimately slut-shaming. In some countries a woman can experience things like being disowned to being publicly stoned or humiliated.

Of course not all guys and gals are like this or think this way but it’s quite unfortunate that we live in a world of double standards. We’re still fighting for our right to express ourselves. I don’t think it is okay that our society promotes hypocrisy. We say it is okay to sleep around-but only for guys. We constantly remind a girl that she is considered a whore even if she shows the least bit of cleavage. Yet, a guy can walk around all day without a shirt on and not be critiqued. What if I wanted to feel the breeze too?

Bottom line is, don’t feel the need to hide your sexuality or who you are. And to all the people who feel the need to judge someone else by what they do or what they wear ask yourself this: Am I perfect?


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