Who Inspired Me to Go Natural?

I know I've been gone for what seems like forever (nearly five months to be exact) but I can't even tell you that I've been on some cool-ass trip around Europe or working on a makeup line. I've literally just been busy conforming to society with school. I really will try to get better at this but hopefully this post is a start. Make sure to read until the end and comment below what made you go natural or stay natural :)

This may come of fan-girlish but I am a certified Ariana Grande fangirl so that title doesn't faze me. Throughout my natural hair journey I've come up with a list of things and people that have inspired me. One in particular, I've never met and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know me but she is honestly the reason why I went natural in the first place.

I’ve read a lot of hair stories and many people planned to go natural. They educated themselves beforehand- prepped. For me it was an impulse decision. I was stuck in my house due to Hurricane Sandy and I happened to find Naptural85 while searching for new ways to tie a headscarf. I ended up clicking and clicking and clicking until I pretty much watched every single video she had ever put on YouTube (including her pre-Olivia vlogs). I couldn’t believe that all of that hair was hers. Grown out of her scalp. Naturally. Plus, I was one of those ignorant people who didn’t know black people could grow long hair (Seriously Sarah?). 

While still being a newly loyal fan of Whitney I did turn to blogs that told me to wash my hair everyday and not use shampoo anymore. When I saw how simple Whitney’s regimen was I knew that I wanted to incorporate something like that into my routine. I’ve been a natural/organic-enthusiast for some time but I never knew you could use Greek yogurt or mayo in your hair until she taught me that. I didn’t even know what apple cider vinegar was before her. Now, some of my staple products are pretty much because of her and my hair loves it as well.

Let’s not even start on the hairstyles! Can we say gorgeous, fun and oh-so-helpful? I can’t completely emulate all of her styles because my hair isn’t long enough yet but I definitely use her as inspiration for my hair length. Whitney also plays a part in my whole virtual world. I knew that people with shorter hair looked on YouTube in search of hairstyles and that was pretty hard to find at the time so I decided to start my own project because of that. She also has style, DIY, beauty & daily vlog videos that I watch regulary!

It’s pretty great to see her hair and her channel grow in front of my eyes. I started watching her when she had shorter hair and I knew that all I needed to focus on was health (my hair motto). No matter your hair type or hair texture you’ll definitely want to get on the Naptural85 bandwagon (we totally need a squad name)! Make sure you click her links below (you won’t regret it) & click mine right underneath!

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