Bye 2014 ; Hello 2015

My biggest struggle this year was my lack of motivation. I would describe my life as a basic bitch (pardon my French but I had to). Nothing in my life excited me - at all. I would find myself constantly comparing my life to others; wondering why my time hadn't come. I would ask God, Jesus, the Earth, wind and fire why my success and full happiness hadn't come yet. Did I do something in my past life? Did I do something in this life? Or maybe it was because I was half-filled with negativity from being in a place I wasn't comfortable in. Whatever the case may be for now I'm going with lack of motivation and constant comparison. I. You - WE can't compare our chapters in life to someone else's. My mom brought up a good point: some people have theirs come fast and easy but then they lose it and for some it comes slow; but when it comes slowly - it lasts forever.

This year I pray for patience. I need to learn to be patient. Now that doesn't been I'm getting off track. I want to take my blogging and creative content more seriously. This has been a challenge before because I always looked at how many people actual read my blog, watched my videos and answered my questions via Instagram,Facebook or Twitter (which wasn't a lot). At this point I'm just going to continue doing things that make me happy and make my followers happy. That way, it'll only lead to more happiness [for everyone].

Also, did you notice the title? Yes, I have changed the name of my blog and the URL will change soon after. I'll give you a brief explanation but once my URL changes, you'll get a full explanation:

"...Last time I tried this I lost so many followers in a couple of minutes. But I am so done stressing about the number of followers I have. I rather have people that support this project than people who don't. I am not changing anything in regards to content - just the name..."

P.S. Thank you to all those who do support me and I only hope you will continue to do so.



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