My First Year of College!

As I am completing my last week of official classes (YES!) I can't believe how fast time went by. I mean for God's sake, I graduated high school almost a year ago; I feel so old! I thought that I'd review my first year of university and share it with you. Brace yourselves for a whole lot of ups and downs-but mostly downs.

Let me start of by saying that Buffalo State was nowhere on my list of schools I wanted to go to. I mean applied about a month before I actually came here; a complete last minute option. I had gotten into my dream undergrad school (Johnson & Wales University) but unfortunately I couldn't go because of financial reasons; a.k.a I couldn't afford the cost of living even with financial aid and a scholarships. When money is heavily weighted in your college choices you really don't have many options. I was pretty bummed out [and I'm still recuperating] but I was excited because I was still moving away and after 17 years, I was finally starting college. The days got closer and I wasn't so confident anymore. I started talking to people on the class page and I met Tauri. Honestly, thank God for her because I would probably be a complete anti-social mess. Tauri was the only person who understood my reservations and hesitations with the school. We were literally on the same chapter, page and book.

I think it was the constant "turn up" comments and the twerking videos that determined my first impression; and it was not a good one. I was immediately turned-off. I didn't connect with many people here and the events weren't my forte. Maybe a week after I was here, I official did not like my school. It was so uncomfortable for me that I had to go home early. I wanted to transfer so badly! I thought I was just being a brat and I tried being open-minded but no luck. My roommate felt the same way and I was glad that I could vent to someone without judgement. I got really lucky getting roomed with Keionda. My thoughts about my school haven't changed and I'm still unsure about whether I'll stick it out all four years or transfer after my second.

I see other people at their schools enjoying themselves and I envy that. Is it sad that I watch I'm Shmacked videos and it kind of makes me feel worse? LOL. I must say that out of a sucky year I did meet some good people. I'm also very thankful that I have an affordable school to go to. I'm even more thankful that I have the option of attending university but is it all worth it though if I'm constantly down-in-the-dumps?

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