The Best Message Ever!

I was having a pretty sucky start to the week until I read this email from our friend/follower/reader Kyreen.

" Hey Sarah, how are you? This email might be a little strange and even creepy, but I really needed to express my admiration for you. Sarah you are one of my biggest role models even though you are just one or two years older than me. I just feel you are so genuine and such a leader. You stand for what you believe in and take your projects so seriously. You are so different from the girls your age, you'd much rather drink tea and stalk Ariana [Grande] than go to some crazy college party and that's just so rare. I mean look at your blogs, I read you girls' blog religiously and I love it! You are basically like a mini celebrity to me and my close friends know this lol. You inspire me to be a better me, to stand up for what I believe in, to challenge myself in doing new things, and most importantly to stay classy. I wish you prosperity in all your future projects, I know you will do great in life because you are such a good person! This email, in short, is for you to know what an impact the things you do can have on a random person, please keep doing what you are doing!"

This is one of the kindest emails I have ever received regarding my blog. I can't believe that I am actually impacting people with weekly thoughts and advice that I publish to the world. I've gotten kudos before but there's something about being referred to as a role model that makes me open my eyes. I mean, to find out that I am someone's role model and "mini celebrity" is crazy! I always look at other bloggers and YouTubers as my mini celebrities not realizing that I am the same thing to someone else. For somebody to give me positive feedback about who I am warms my heart.

She even remembered my Ariana [Grande] and tea obsession which made me laugh. Kyreen's email made me want to twirl around all night long despite the fact that I wake up in 5 hours for class. Call me a Drama Queen but I actually had tears of joy while reading this. It's the cutest thing ever!

Thank you Kyreen and all of our supporters for all the encouragement, the shares, the comments and the overall love! Most of all, thank you for taking the leap with my project and I! I appreciate your continuous support as I take this thing to the next level.

Thank You,

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