Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles

When I have box braids or twists it usually turns into an art project. I'm constantly trying new styles and being inspired by woven baskets to actual people. I think that the hair on your head is something you should enjoy, love and have fun with. Use some of these ideas to spice up your braids/twist looks. They're even great when you're having bad hair days!

Take a small section from the front of your hair and save it for later. Split your hair into two sections. Take the top half and secure it in a ponytail with a scrunchie. Position the ponytail a little to the side for a more authentic look. Ariana-fy the hairstyle by adding a ribbon or bow. 

Split your hair into two sections. Secure each section with a scrunchie resulting in two high ponytails. Wrap each section around itself until it becomes a bun. 

Gather your hair into a high ponytail at the front of your hair. Section your hair by securing the bottom half with a scrunchie. Begin to roll your hair underneath. Pin any areas where it is needed. 

I know that following descriptions can be fairly hard. It's pretty hard to describe how I do these styles. I promise to re-do these hairstyles on my YouTube channel.

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