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Meet Jalessa an 18 year old rugby player/ girl gamer who was born and raised in Montego-Bay Jamaica but lives in Albany NY. She's a Biology major at Buffalo State and enjoys hanging out with her close friends, going to events, wandering on Tumblr, watching videos, taking photos, listening to A LOT of music and dancing.
1.   Why did you go natural? Or why are you natural?
I’ve been natural all my life. I remember being pressured to perm my hair in middle school but I refused it every time. Growing up and sticking to being natural was personally because I loved embracing my natural beauty and my roots. I grew up rocking twists a lot which then led to me get locs in December 2012. I was criticized by a few people about and was told to cut it off. It’s been 2 years and I don’t regret getting my locs one bit.

2. What is your go-to hairstyle?
One of my favorite go to styles has to be the “pineapple top”. It’s real easy and it has never let me down. I just grab my favorite scarf, bring my hair to the front and “viola!"
3.   Do you have any hair crushes or inspirations?
Quite a few (YouTube gurus): Jasmine Rose, Shameless Maya, Heyfranhey, Chescaleigh and ShannonTBoodram
4.   What are your top 5 favorite hair products?
Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Shea Moisture: Moisture Mist, Jamaican Mango and Lime “No more Itch” spray, and H20!
5. What is the best part of having natural hair?
Having the feeling of being different and it also drives my confidence.
6.   What is the worst part of having natural hair?
Finding ways to keep my hair moisturized because it is SO easy for it to get dry.

7. What advice would you give people who are natural or who want to be?
FORGET THE CRITICS, and DO YOU BOO! Embrace yourself to the fullest extent and don’t give up. You will encounter a few difficulties with being natural but with every problem you can get something positive out of it. Just keep pushing and you will be proud of your journey and its results. This does not only apply to hair but to life as well.

8. What do you like/love most about this blog?
It's the only teenage blog about natural hair that I can actually relate to. All the other blogs I read all for women 25+ and up. I'm so happy about what you have started! This is the first curly hair FB/blog/etc. that I've seen started by girls my age. I see bright things about this in the future. You have my full on support.

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