Afro Appreciation

The afro is in no way a new thing. In the 60s the Black Power Movement aimed to promote the good of the Black race and all that it comes with. Within the Black Power Movement one of its focuses was on the Beauty of Black. Black people began to take pride in their natural kinky hair, their wide hips and their melanin-filled skin. It was then that Black people began to reject the need to look “White” by turning their noses away from relaxers and other hair straightening means. From activists like Angela Davis to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson the power of the ‘fro was bestowed upon us. Back then, the afro had a message: Black and Proud plus middle finger to your idea of beautiful. Fast forward and we can say that we still have this ideology. We may not see as many perfectly-dome-like afros as before but from twist outs to perm rod sets, there are still variations of it. From artist Erykah Badu to Dante De Blasio to Solange Knowles we see pride and appreciation being taken for our kinks, curls and coils. We know about the high profiled ‘fros but I wanted to take some time to appreciate the afros rocked by “everyday” girls.

(Main photo) Brea Pipkins @littlebreathatcould
Photo By Travis Mattews @a_kid_named_trav

Christal @christalized_
Photo By Aryn @arynsinterlude

Delcia & Alia @djandaj
Styled & Taken By Marlo Johnson

Destiny @d.hauxtable

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