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Hello! My name is Tori Radday and I’m a fashion merchandising student at Philadelphia University. Originally, I’m from Richmond, VA but I traveled north for school to be closer to the heart of the industry in which I hope to work in one day- the fashion industry. I graduate this May and am excited to hopefully launch a career in fashion journalism. Currently, I’m interning with CollegeFashionista, writing for Explore Philly, the Odyssey and my own fashion blog, Fashion, Trends & More, to help me achieve my dreams of being a fashion writer.

1.       What are your favorite stores or places to shop?
I love shopping at thrift and resale shops as well as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

2. If you could have anybody's closet, who would it be?
 I love Instagram style icon Aisha Hatter’s wardrobe (@aishahatter).

3. What is your "go-to" fashion piece or pieces?
Faux fur coats!

4. What are your essential fashion items?
 I can’t live without black opaque tights, heeled booties and faux fur coats. And although it’s more of a beauty item than a fashion item, I couldn’t survive without my classic red lipstick.

5. What’s your current favorite fashion trend?
Yep, you guessed it faux fur. Faux fur makes such a glamorous statement that I can’t help but love it.

6. How would you [or others] describe your personal style?
My personal style is very eclectic and free-spirited; I love mixing modern trends with chic vintage pieces. I also love different textures- textures draw me to garments more than anything else. I think the texture of a piece speaks volumes louder than the color or silhouette.

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