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Oh dear, I just love Trader Joe’s so much! I mean the taste, the quality and the prices – it doesn’t get much better. As I am packing to go back to school (a new school I might add) I’ve been dying to grab some infamous Trader Joe’s products. I don’t really like watching or doing hauls (so don't expect them) but I can watch Trader Joe’s hauls all day long (no, not really but you catch my drift).

I recently watched Tara E (on YouTube) and spoke about how she liked the tee tree cleanser. I’ve been using the Tee Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash from The BodyShop. It works well but it’s something I would need to keep buying and quite frankly I don’t have the money. I have read reviews about it being strong but most people said you should only use a little bit.

My friend Josh told me that they’re really good and I love anything mango. How could I go to Trader Joe’s and not buy their Cookie Butter? I mean, everyone raves about it. I couldn’t wait to try it! I pretty much stuck my [clean] finger in there and scooped it out. It’s so yummy! It does have a hint of ginger and it’s sweet. So far, I’ve only had it on a cupcake (sugar overload!) but it says you can put it on other pastries, waffles, pancakes, etc.

The tea lover strikes again! I feel like I should do tea reviews or something. At $1.99 I decided to try the Mango Black Tea. I’ve only used one bag – for the past 3 days. I mean, most people tend to throw away tea bags after the first use but you can reuse them until the flavor isn’t strong anymore. I love how I didn't have to add any honey but I might do so next time because Black tea is pretty strong. You can still taste [and smell] the mango though.

The Salted Caramel Chair Tea Mix smelled delightful. Of course I felt basic as heck because I swear everyone has to have Chai during the winter but whatevs. The best part is all you add is water because it comes in a powder form. It’s the normal salty/sweet taste that every salted caramel product tastes like. I think I’d like to try it with vanilla soy milk for a sweeter taste.

Tara E. mentioned using jojoba oil as a makeup remover (I use oil to remove my makeup as well) but I want to use it for my hair. Use it to take down my twists, add in Shea butter or use by itself as a sealant.

Cold-pressed coconut oil is the same but you can’t beat this price! The co-op near my house retails this at $10.99 so I couldn’t beat the $5.99 price at TJ.

What kind of naturalista would I be if I didn’t pick these up? Whitney raved about it and I’ve wanted to try it ever since. I bought two bottles of conditioner because one was not enough. I also picked out the shampoo. I’ll definitely review it when I try it out!

What are your fav things from TraderJoe’s?

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