6 Reasons to Love Your Curlfriend

What is a curlfriend? Simply a friend who is natural. It’s funny because all of my friends are natural. #Squad!  There are so many benefits of having friends that you can relate to. Here are some of my best things about having a curlfriend. 

Lighter Overnight Packing. You can’t forget your comb just in case you want to detangle. Then you have to bring your spray bottle, oil and Cantu cream. Then there are the satin pillow cases or headwraps. A naturalista knows her overnight essentials need to tame her curls. When you have a curlfriend, you don’t have to worry about that. Of course there’s the chance that your friend might not use the same products but there’s no shame in changing it up for a night. 

Spontaneous Giveaways & Freebies. Most times when I don’t really like a product I give it away. There’s no hassle of signing up or hoping you win the giveaway- the product is yours. 

Instant Product Reviews
. Even when you’re reading a product review on a blog it doesn’t really have a full effect unless you can see the impact of the product on the person. When your curlfriend tells you that she would never by Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Oil again chances are you might listen. It’s great because you don’t have to waste money. 

Backup Products. If you both have the same products, no worries. When you run out of yours you can share until you restock. 

Extra Knowledge. None of my friends have the same hair texture or pattern. Some have supper defined or super course hair. One has locs! I always love to know what they use and how they manage their hair. 

So Relatable. This is by far the best thing for me. To have someone that can relate to your best and worst times.

Share this article with your curlfriend if you could relate to any of it.

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