New Brand, New URL! Happy Birthday SARAHFARMA.COM

I'm so excited to tell you guys about this! This is honestly the second time I'm bringing this up because last time I tried I lost so many followers in a couple of minutes. As I said in my "Bye 2014 ; Hello 2015" post I'm done focusing on followers. I must stress that I am not changing anything in regards to content!  If anything, you will be getting more consistency and a diverse range of posts from hair to controversial topics dear to me. You will be getting the same hair posts, the same food posts, etc. The only thing that is changing is my brand name [and URL].

Why you may ask? I originally started It's A Curls World with a former friend. It was something that we did together and when she left I didn't want it anymore. I have had to stick with this because I wanted to go about it in the right way without making any hasty decisions. When the person left I felt as if I went through a bad break-up and I still had all of their clothes and photos to remind me of them. I also felt like I was taking full ownership of something we did together. All of my social media is in my name so it is only right that my blog is also in my name. I hope you guys support my decision and continue to support me.

Happy Birthday SARAHFARMA.COM!


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