Racism & Preference. Is There A Difference?

You've probably heard, "I like White boys" or "I need a nice Brazilian girl” before. Maybe not those exact words but definitely something along those lines. A lot of times people don't differentiate between racism and preference. This just causes fingers being pointed and even being labeled a traitor if the person you are attracted to is not of your own race/ethnic group.

I'll start off by saying, "Everybody is entitled to a preference." This means that the Asian guy is allowed to be more attracted to the Asian girl as is the Black girl to the White guy [and vice versa]. Truth is there is no explanation for why you find something more attractive to another. As human beings preference is natural. If you like salt more than sugar you'll gravitate towards the chips instead of the candy.

You should not have to feel the need to explain yourself in detail when someone asks you what kind of girls/guys you like. Blue eyes, kinky hair, small boobs or a big butt - what you like is what you like. Nobody asks why you prefer an apple to a pear, right? A preference is not a blockade. This means that just because someone likes a particular look does not mean they would not love another. This does not mean that you would never date anyone else. It doesn't even mean that you don't find other guys [or girls] attractive. It simply means that you are physically drawn to someone else faster than the other. When preference becomes a blockage that is when racism begins to creep into the picture.

Racism is the act of discrimination against another race (can be your own as well) based on the belief that one race is superior to the other. I'm sure everyone has either experienced racism first-hand or has seen it, whether in real-life or media. In my opinion racism is ignorance at its finest. If that same Asian guy (mentioned in the beginning) only dated that Asian girl because Asians are the best race and all others are inferior, that would be racism. He is not dating her because he simply likes her and her qualities but simply because he believes that Asians are the best. When you block yourself off you could be missing out on a great person because of your attitude.

Although there is a line between racism and preference that can be easily crossed there is a difference. You cannot get mad and judge someone's preference but you do have the right to shut down any racism or discrimination. In actuality physical appearance only plays but so much; you should always look for the person’s character and values. I just hope that this gave you a little idea on the difference between racism and preference.

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